Superior Training & Fitness


 Our mission is to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  As fitness professionals we are committed to our clients, providing:

  • A holistic approach to training that includes muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and lifestyle management.
  • A fitness plan that is clear, realistic and valuable.
  • Assistance with SMART short and long-term goal setting.
  • A fitness assessment that covers all major components of fitness as well as thorough reviews of medical and fitness history.  Components include body composition, flexibility, strength and endurance.
  • A professional, positive, motivational and non-judgmental training environment.
  • Professionals who maintain needed certifications and are forever learning themselves!
  • Resources providing additional motivation and information to assist with achieving your goals.
  • Advice that is sound and within the scope of practice of current certifications, and quality referrals when needed. 

Our Mission

Although I played basketball and softball at an early age, my fitness journey began the first time I went to my Dad’s gym at age 13. While the initial goal was to train in the b-ball off-season, I soon spent all of my time in the gym - even sneaking in during "adult" hours. I loved the environment; I had support when I wanted it and was left alone when I needed it. I was truly in charge of my workout. I didn't know it at the time but I was hooked on endorphins and craved them intensely!
I’ve worked in the fitness industry since 1999 when I graduated from college and worked in my own beloved gym - The Athletic Club at Metro V. In 2000 I became a certified Spin instructor. I couldn’t get enough of the endorphin rush and great music! I loved playing DJ! I stepped away from my teaching roots for a few years while working in Corporate America, but I never lost the passion. In 2007 I jumped back into teaching and haven't looked back! My family is filled with teachers and it's in my blood. I love helping people succeed.

I split my time as a Project Manager in Corporate America and in the Fitness world. I am a Group Fitness Instructor and Certified Health Coach through ACE. I’m also a certified Personal Trainer through N.A.S.M., a certified yoga Instructor and Les Mills Body Pump certified. I am a level 1 SUP Guide and a SUP Yoga Instructor too!

Superior Training & Fitness History